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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Don't Go Sweet Summer

Can you believe it's almost time for autumn? Time for leaves to fall. Time for the rush of cold air to sneak up on us. A part of me is ready for the extra layers of clothing... but come on now, I still have yet to make some more use of my swimming gear!

On another note, I thought I'd share some photos with you that were taken by my long-time, talented and lovely friend, Chi.
Her photography (chi-tography) goes beyond words, really. But I'll try to describe it in three:




See for yourself here and here.
She has an eye for all things beautiful and can make ordinary things come to life. For instance, I certainly don't have the height or look of a model, but I always feel like one when she's shooting me.

Here's a photo entry she took of me to submit to StyleMint's July T Moment Contest. I had such a blast! Felt like I was reliving my childhood years. :)

Wearing: Men's tri-blend t-shirt from the Gap, Alexander Wang quilted linen shorts, Banana Republic magnetic chain bracelet, vintage red leather wallet, Prada slingback leather pumps


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Divine Garden

I am in absolute awe with gardens, especially when they contain my favorite summer florals - hydrangeas! Oh, and not to mention, my manfriend's mother grows all her veggie here too. Fresh herbs and vegetables for the summer. So crisp and SO good!

Beautiful blooming hydrangeas. 

 Admiring the beautiful garden. Wearing a Bershka tank, vintage earrings and skirt.

This pic reminded me of FernGully

I loved that movie for its beautiful rainforest and whimsical characters. Kind of forgot the storyline though. Maybe I'll re-watch it one of these days. Goodness, I haven't event watched Avatar yet! So many movies, so little time.

Photos taken by the boy.

Happy Summer!