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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cold Nights Ahead

This post has nothing to do with the cold. In fact, it's just the opposite. True, cold nights are ahead of us (to those of you who live in the Midwest!) but this post revolves around my trip to the west side.. which happened in October. *ahem*, I know I'm horrible at staying current in the blog world but please bear with me. :) I'll promise to keep posting!

So, as I was saying.. I took an impromptu mini getaway with my manfriend to the lovely SoCal to visit family, friends, and the glamorous cities. We were in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and OC the majority of the time. Here are some photos of our quick trip, unedited.

Being a total stalker shooting this amazingly tatoo-ed, colorful, chic gal at the Griffith Observatory!




My go-to J.Crew sandals


Flower in front of my aunt's house

  She plants pomegranates too!


Yes, I love her.


This is part one. I'll add more photos soon!

Stay tuned. 


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